Clear View Window Washing, LLC was a collaborative idea sparked by Ralph Walkling and myself, Susan Mol. The idea was born during a typical brainstorming session after an epic powder day over beer at the Eldo, in Crested Butte, during the winter of 2004. The conversation always starts the same- WOW, TODAY WAS AMAZING… How can we ski powder every day in the winter months and only work in the summer? Hence, the idea to have a summer-only business was born.

By 2008, CVWW had grown to employ a crew of ski enthusiasts, having an office, a work truck, and an impressive list of clientele. Ralph had worked as a window cleaner in the greater Chicago area and taught me how to be proficient, thorough, and that going the extra mile would keep clients coming back year after year. In 2008 I purchased Ralph’s half of the business so he could travel the world pursuing other interests- including becoming a professional photographer, spending some time in Mongolia, and then moving to Alaska.

I really love the balance CVWW brings to my life. I’ve enjoyed several winters as a Crested Butte Mountain Resort ski patroller and landed the title of “2009 World Champion” while competing in big mountain snowboarding events around the globe. During the busy summer months I am an entrepreneur who ensures immaculate service and maintains a reputation as one of the best window cleaning businesses in the valley. Then, the slower winter months allow me to regroup and enjoy the peace and quiet of Crested Butte and beyond.

My sincere thanks goes out to the community and my clients for helping me to be successful and to my crew for working hard as a cohesive team bringing clear views to the valley today and for years to come!